OFFICER Ruidoso - Authentic Police Badge


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police-badge-coa-250-4.pngRuidoso Downs Badge - New Mexico, home to the richest quarter horse race in the world... The Two Million All American Futurity.

In 1947, the first race was run at Ruidoso Downs (known as Hollywood Park until 1953). The facility was a far cry from the grand site seen off Highway 70 today. This solid metal two tone badge is a stunning silver tone shield with antique gold tone sculptured centerpiece and ribbons and is the current duty badge worn by the Ruidoso Downs Police Department. This badge is made from a custom die designed for the Ruidoso Downs Police Department and made to the highest quality industry standard you've come to expect from Lawman Badge.

All Certificates of Authenticity are hand signed by Chief Robert Denny of Ruidoso Downs Police Department, New Mexico. Don't miss out on this special opportunity to own one of these special and unique badges we are fortunate to offer to collectors from the HISTORIC SITE OF THE TWO MILLION ALL AMERICAN FUTURITY.

► Edition size of 100. Limited Quantities Available
► Badge Size 2.5 x 3.5 Beautiful two tone (silver, antique gold) badge
► Black enamel letters(cloisonne) on antique gold
► Hallmarked
► Certificate of authenticity
► Each badge is serial numbered on reverse

Guaranteed Authentic and Authorized for Collectors

Every 'Collector Badge' product is an authentic duty badge. Each and every badge is one hundred percent Department issued equipment. Law enforcement badges including, Marshal Badges, Constable Badges, Police Badges and Sheriff Badges are all available. All badges offered to collectors are legitimate issue duty badges (in very small limited edition) accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and written Department Permission to possess the badge. This is a rare and unique offering only available from the Lawman Badge Company and the sponsoring law enforcement agencies.

Every 'Collector Badge' certificate of authenticity is hand signed by the head of the issuing agency. This certificate is your guarantee from the law enforcement agency that the badge is legitimate Department Issue. It also gives you the valuable signed written permission necessary to possess the badge you purchase. Every badge is done in very small limited edition only and serial numbered. Specific restrictions and conditions may be set by the Department Heads which are printed on the Certificates of authenticity granted by the Agency. The hand signed original certificate (no copying allowed) authorizes the badge collector to own and retain the Department Badge in their collection.

All State, Federal, and Local laws or ordinances pertaining to possession of law enforcement badges must be adhered to by each individual collector/purchaser. None of the collectible badges offered here are counterfeit or replicas. Each badge is genuine and delivered only with the express written permission and authorization of the issuing Department. Anyone purchasing a collector badge offered in limited edition needs to read the Federal Security Act of 2000 printed at the bottom of this page.

This is a rare opportunity to own a limited edition collector badge

Don't miss out on this rare offer and opportunity to add a very high quality Department issue (Original Equipment) badge to your collection. All badges come with documentation from the agency itself. Get them while they last .