Sheriff Badges and Deputy Sheriff Badges of the Highest Quality


Deputy Sheriff Badges for those who want the best.

Custom Deputy Sheriff Badges made for professionals demanding high quality badges.

Deputy Sheriff badges don't necessarily differ from Police Officer badges. The innovative professional Sheriff Badges and Police Badges manufactured at Lawman Badge Company are equally outstanding. Many law enforcement badges incorporate badge characteristics interchangeable with each other.

Deputy Sheriff Badges and Police Badges often differ only in wording. With custom police and sheriff badges being our main area of concentration, the two are often intermingled. You will see this as you browse through our badge images.

The custom Deputy Sheriff Badges, along with other badges designed by the Lawman Badge Company, exemplify the best in quality, durability, and appearance in badge manufacturing. Our passion at the Lawman Badge Company is to see that every badge exemplifies the finest in quality and distinction when representing the agency which gives the badge life. We work as a your partner in the process of creating the perfect Deputy Sheriff or Police Badge for you. Many steps are necessary to build the Deputy Sheriff or Police Badge that your Department needs.

Why Choose Lawman Badge Company?

  • Top notch badge designs to provide badges unsurpassed in appearance and design.
  • Custom badge manufacturing with highest quality at affordable prices.
  • Your badge comes direct from Lawman Badge Co, not a Police Equipment Store.
  • Personalized attention, assistance, research and design help given for every badge.
  • Badge Quality and durability is GUARANTEED on every badge we make.
  • Deputy Sheriff Badges are manufactured to the customer needs and specifications.
  • You receive badge quality where you can see, touch and feel the difference.
  • Badge materials and manufacturing techniques used are the far above the standard

At Lawman Badge we always begin by stressing design excellence and making sure that every badge can be as unique and individualized as the agency itself. The distinctive excellence of each Deputy Sheriff Badge or other law enforcement badge is obvious and never subtle. Ordinary badges go unnoticed and therefore are symbolic of nothing. Law enforcement has symbolized authority and distinction with badges. That's why we're making police badges, sheriff badges, and other custom badges the way we do.

We take badges seriously because you do. Badges are meant to be as serious as the position held by the wearer. Every Police, Sheriff, or other law enforcement badge is made so nobody will ever ask, "is that a real badge"? We hear this all the time. We talk to people every day that say their badges look too cheap to be taken seriously. That should NEVER happen.

At Lawman Badge we design badges with the elements that reflect the mission, statement and spirit of the agency the badge represents. We do this by using solid design excellence that not only draws on the expertise and experience of our badge company but our customer as well.

Our mission is always to insure that you receive badge you need and desire while staying within your budget. Then we bring our plan together with the best materials and workmanship to deliver the Deputy Sheriff badge, Police Badge or any other law enforcement badge that speaks for itself. When Lawman Badge delivers new badges to be commissioned by an agency for the first time, we want the badge to become a tradition.

Please take the time to look at some of our custom badge designs. It's our sincere hope that you see many badges you like. Badges are our business and we have many years experience to apply to your badge needs.


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