Police, Firefighter and Military Challenge Coins of the Highest Quality

Images of Police and Firefighter Badges by Lawman Badge Company

Police, Fire Fighter, and Military Challenge Coins

Guaranteed Quality Custom Design Challenge Coins

Unique Challenge Coins of unsurpassed quality for Police, Sheriff, Military, and Corporate professionals. Challenge Coins to preserve history with distinction at an affordable price.

Custom Challenge Coin Examples


Lawman Badge Company provides the finest Challenge Coins for the most demanding professionals. Police, Sheriff, Law Enforcement, Military and any professional organization that takes pride in their mission or product can benefit from one or more custom designed Challenge Coins. The Challenge Coin has a unique history and a guaranteed future being a tangible emblem of expression.

Why choose Lawman Badge Company?

  • Challenge Coins unsurpassed in design, appearance and quality
  • Free professional custom designed challenge coin artwork and design consultation
  • Challenge Coins are designed to promote pride, unity and organizational mission
  • Challenge Coins are ordered direct without "Middle Man" vendors
  • All shapes, sizes, weights, materials and manufacturing techniques are available.
  • Challenge Coins are guaranteed to be free of defect
  • True Challenge Coin quality that you can see, touch and feel
  • Challenge Coins designed and manufactured at highest level industry standard
  • Time spent with every customer to insure the desired results in final challenge coin
  • Challenge Coin design to meet or exceed each customer's specifications The Lawman Badge Company begins with solid design excellence serving the differing needs of each customer. Skilled craftsman, designers, photographers, artists and engravers work together to bring the Challenge Coin to completion. The distinctive difference must always 'stand alone' as the single innovative emblem of excellence required for every true Challenge Coin.

The best Challenge Coin is always waiting to be made. Let us help you to meet the Challenge Coin challenge with unique design, professional service and distinctive quality coins. Your Challenge Coin will endure forever in the true Challenge Coin heirloom tradition. Through use of the following methods to put Challenge Coins into pockets everywhere, we have become the right choice for designing and manufacturing your Challenge Coin symbol of excellence and purpose.

When the Challenge Coin design is complete, we move on to select the materials most suited to the customers needs. Durability, quality, appearance and feel are all taken into consideration in Challenge Coin manufacturing. The finished product is always the result of planning and preparation. In this way, each coin is anticipated and envisioned long before manufacturing takes place. The Challenge Coin becomes a visual statement and gesture expressed in art and sculpture.

Every completed Challenge Coin is the result of teamwork in designing the Challenge Coin to meet the needs of the customer. Challenge Coins are unique and expressive of the purpose, mission, quality and reputation of the agency or organization they represent. Those of us at the Lawman Badge Company consider every Challenge Coin we make as a new commitment to excellence. The best Challenge Coins remain to be made. Let us help you to make the next best Challenge Coin so you can hold your message in your hand or place it in the hands of others.

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