Police Badges and Firefighter Badges of the Highest Quality

Police Badges, Fire Fighter Badges, Deputy Sheriff Badges

When it comes to police badges and firefighter badges, The Lawman Badge Company responds every day to the increasing demand for innovative design and unmatched quality.

Professional Police, Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Private Security, Fire Fighter and Military personnel are having their custom badge demands met and exceeded by the Lawman Badge Company every day.

Today's law enforcement and fire fighter professionals are not satisfied with just any badge or challenge coin. They recognize that the badge symbolizes who they are, their mission, and dedication. We couldn't possibly agree more.

For this reason, we compile all the resources at our disposal to design and create the absolute finest badges to be found anywhere.

You or your agency can experience a badge that's a 'cut above' all the others. Using the finest materials, labor and skills available to the badge industry is the foundation for the 'Lawman Badge'.

Why So Many Have Chosen
Lawman Badge Company

Our efforts over the years on behalf of the men and women who wear our badges are obvious. The list below outlines just a few of our priorities:

  • Individual consultation for designing custom badges for every application Professional artwork and three dimensional computer graphic images Distinctive designs to coincide with the image and mission of the agency or individual
  • Quality that is not just talked about but GUARANTEED
  • Service and personal attention on every project no matter how large or small
  • Only top of the line high quality materials
  • The LOOK and FEEL of quality and skilled craftsmanship
  • Methods, manufacturing, materials, workmanship and design only possible at LBC


Police_Cap202Genuine Testimonial

I received the SOUTHERN LAWMEN MC custom badge today. To sum it up in one word, "BEAUTIFUL"! I could not be more pleased with the finished product. Awesome!!! This badge is definitely high quality and I know the other members of the association will be very anxious to get theirs after seeing mine!

Thanks for all of your help Diane. You've been great!

E. Stewart
National President SLMC

The Lawman Badge Company is focused on delivering a product that get noticed over and over again. Every Police badge, Sheriff badge, Fire Badge, Security Badge or other badge crafted by Lawman Badge will speak for itself. Meticulous attention to detail, durability and professional appearance are always obvious. You can always tell the difference between ours and the 'other guys'.

Great Badges Begin With
Excellence In Design

Police Badge PartsTo accomplish this, Lawman Badge begins by utilizing our skilled designers and artists to produce the image of what's to come.  Once accomplished, our die makers begin the painstaking task of skillfully cutting the custom designs into the solid steel required to withstand the enormous pressures needed to obtain highly detailed imagery.

At other times we may require the skills of our silversmiths and engravers. This diversity ranges from the most modern computerized manufacturing machinery, to drawing upon many highly skilled craftsmen.

Engravers, enamelers, jewelers, silversmiths, polishers, artists, and designers are just a few contributors to this process. This enables us to offer our customers a finished product not offered by any other manufacturers.

Fine police badges, sheriff's badges, badges of all kinds have been made and worn throughout history. Blacksmiths, jewelers, metal workers, silversmiths and craftsmen of all kinds have contributed to America's badges. It's the desire of the Lawman Badge Company to combine old world craftsmanship with modern technology to preserve and enhance the meaning behind every badge.

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